Background Information to Dr. Rath’s Call to the Governments and People of All Nations

‘No’ to a New World Order!

‘Yes’ to Health for All Humankind!

A historic transformation

For the second time in its history, humankind stands at a fundamental crossroads. In the 16th century, just 500 years ago, the process of intellectual liberation started in Europe that terminated the Dark Ages characterized by illiteracy and poverty by the people at large. The invention of the printing press allowed millions of common people to learn to read and write, and eventually replace the Dark Ages with Modern Times. 

Today, in the 21st century, we are witnessing a second revolution, the process of physical liberation – a significant reduction and possible elimination of today’s most common diseases. This progress of mankind is not the result of patented drugs or vaccines, but of an explosion of knowledge in the field of science-based natural health. 

Understanding the regulatory role of micronutrients at the genetic and cellular level enables mankind to fight diseases at their cellular roots in an effective, safe and sustainable way. This scientific revolution of regulatory cellular health is bound to challenge the very foundation of the multi-trillion-dollar investment business with patented drugs and vaccines.

More and more people are realizing that they must take responsibility for their health and well-being. This requires that they understand and know their body, the important metabolic processes that are constantly taking place in it, and also know how to protect and support their healthy functioning.

The basic course “Cellular Medicine” is the starting point. This educational element provides a clear overview of the possibilities of cellular medicine today.

The basic online course is available for free. Recommended to anyone who is interested in preventive health and the work of the Dr. Rath Health Alliance and would like to take part in this initiative.

Science-based natural health at the center of this transformation

I am raising my voice as a scientist and founder of an independent non-profit research institute operating in the field of science-based natural health. Our team of senior scientists and medical doctors worked together with the late two-time Noble Laureate Linus Pauling. Dr. Pauling was one of the most distinguished scientists of the 20th century recognized beyond his Nobel Prizes by several dozens of scientific honorary degrees. His discoveries included principles of immunology, the basic structures of proteins, as well as the first known genetic disease, sickle cell anemia. In his later years, Dr. Pauling became interested in the role of micronutrients in the fight against diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer and viral diseases such as HIV.

Over the past two decades, our research team has continued this ground-breaking work in science-based natural health. In addition, our Foundation has been promoting natural health education programs for schools and the general public in many parts of the world, including developing countries

Our Research Institute has validated specific micronutrients in the fight against many human diseases and has recently pioneered effective science-based approaches towards the natural control of the coronavirus pandemic.

More importantly, together with a growing number of scientific institutions around the world, we have paved the way for a global transformation of medicine away from an investment industry based on expanding global disease markets for patented drugs. 21st century medicine will bring a modern understanding of health care focusing on prevention and ultimately elimination of diseases with plant-derived micronutrients and other science-based, bioactive molecules. 

This transformation of health care towards the natural prevention and elimination of diseases via agriculturally-based medicine is the only way to provide effective and affordable health of billions of people – and the only way to achieve the ultimate goal of ‘Health for All’, proclaimed by the World Health Organization almost half a century ago.

An explosion of knowledge in non-patentable health

This transformation is driven by the groundbreaking new understanding that a long-term nutritional deficiency in micronutrients is a primary cause of cardiovascular disease, cancer and other common health problems of today. This new scientific understanding, to which I was privileged to contribute together with Linus Pauling and others, has today been confirmed in tens of thousands of research studies and clinical trials. 

Even some of the most threatening health conditions, considered largely untreatable by conventional medicine, are can now largely be prevented by an optimum use of certain micronutrients. Such diseases include 

Due to their defined biochemical roles as essential cofactors in the metabolism of each cell, vitamins and other micronutrients play important roles in preventing the malfunctioning of our body cells and, thereby, prevent the origin of many diseases. 

This defined regulatory role in optimizing cellular metabolism renders vitamins and other micronutrients, compared to patented drugs, equal or even superior in their efficacy and – due to their character is natural molecules – unparalleled in their safety. 

The following graph show the exponential increase in the scientific knowledge about the superior health benefits of micronutrients and other science-based natural approaches.

In no other area of medicine has there been a more dramatic increase in knowledge over recent years than in the field of vitamin and micronutrient research. 

These bioactive molecules, however, are generally non-patentable and their increasingly recognized health benefits threaten a multi-trillion-dollar global market of patented drugs.

The pending demise of the investment business with patented drugs

In many countries of the world, the pharmaceutical industry is not an industry committed to the health of the people, but – as an investment business – primarily committed to the share price of its companies and to the profits of its investors.

Governments willfully serving this unethical business model can be easily identified – they are actively suppressing any information about effective and safe non-patentable alternatives in order to maximize the profits for the export business with patented drugs from their countries.

Spearheading these unscrupulous efforts to suppress lifesaving health information about the proven health benefits of micronutrients and other natural molecules is the government of Germany, the leading export nation of patented drugs. For more than half a century, the governments of Germany have been seeking a global ban on any preventive or therapeutic health claims associated with natural, non-patentable therapies. Particularly significant in this context was the role of the German government as organizer of a so-called Codex Alimentarius Commission seeking to suppress lifesaving natural health information in essentially all countries of the world by abusing UN organizations like the WHO and FAO.

With the growing evidence of the overwhelming health benefits of micronutrients for human health (see graphic), these repressive efforts by the German government will now be judged in a new light: With their unethical acts, they compromised the health of hundreds of millions of people and have caused the premature deaths among the people of the world in genocidal proportions. 

With these unscrupulous political efforts to protect its multi-billion-dollar export industry with patented drugs, the government of Germany will likely be found responsible for having committed crimes against humanity in thus far unprecedented scope.

The annual sales from the global investment business with patented drugs have surpassed one trillion dollars already before the current pandemic. A significant replacement of this investment business with patented drugs by effective, safe but non-patentable health approaches will lead to share holder losses in the range of tens of trillions of dollars.

The only way for the political and military stakeholders of this investment business to protract its demise is to escalate international crises or provoke military conflicts in order to allow the continuation of this business – even against all scientific evidence and growing resistance by the people and governments of the world.

Foreseeing this historic transition of global healthcare, Nobel Laureate Dr. Pauling told me shortly before his death in 1994: “One day there will be wars just to prevent this breakthrough in natural health to be generally accepted. That is when you have to stand up and raise your voice.” This time has come now. This is the reason why I am raising my voice as a scientist!

Anticipating this historic reorientation of the global health system, Nobel laureate Dr. Pauling told me shortly before his death in 1994, “It is quite possible that someday wars will be fought just to prevent the universal acceptance of natural health practices. That’s when you’ll have to act.” That time has come. It is for this reason that I, as a scientist, consider it my duty to raise my voice!

The precarious role of Germany

Germany, a rather modest country in terms of geography and natural resources, has launched two World Wars in an attempt to conquer and control the world on behalf of its chemical/ pharmaceutical industry. Its economic and political power today is largely borrowed: It derives from its role as a ‘ring leader’ of a small group of countries engaged for decades in the exporting of pharmaceutical drugs via the ‘trick’ of patenting.  By means of this trick, a handful of corporate and political stakeholders has managed to plunder the private and public health budgets around the world for almost a century.

Germany, a rather modest country in terms of geography and natural resources, has launched two World Wars in an attempt to conquer and control the world on behalf of its chemical/ pharmaceutical industry. Its economic and political power today is largely borrowed: It derives from its role as a ‘ring leader’ of a small group of countries engaged for decades in the exporting of pharmaceutical drugs via the ‘trick’ of patenting.  By means of this trick, a handful of corporate and political stakeholders has managed to plunder the private and public health budgets around the world for almost a century.

With the investment business with patented drugs now exposed to intense public scrutiny and heavy criticism, the German stakeholders of the patented drug business are under extreme pressure. In their desperation to defend this unscrupulous investment business model, Germany poses an imminent threat to world peace. 

Several countries are participating in this global scheme to plunder the world via the investment business with patented drugs. The growing rejection of this unethical business by the world community will have severe economic consequences for all of these countries. For Germany, however, the pending demise of this unethical investment business with patented drugs signifies the end of its economic and political hybris on the world stage.

A review of 20th Century history further underscores the imminent threat that derives from this country today: The rise of the nation as an industrial power is closely connected with the foundation of its chemical industry and the foundation of BAYER, BASF and HORECHST (today Sanofi) in the 1860s. With the trick of patenting tens of thousands of newly developed molecules they created a business model to literally appropriate and own the world.  

In two world wars they unsuccessfully tried to impose the German patent law on the conquered nations – and eventually the entire the world. After their first attempt at the military conquest of the world – World War I – had failed in 1918, BAYER, BASF and other German chemical/drug companies united seven years later to form the world’s largest Cartel in this industry, ‘IG Farben’ to prepare for the next attempt.

To reflect its continuing claim to ‘own’ the world, the executive board of this chemical/drug giant gave itself the name ‘Council of Gods’. Consequently, IG Farben became the single largest sponsor for the rise of the Nazi party to power. In 1936, IG Farben’s CEO Carl Krauch became the formal head of the IG Farben/Nazi ‘4 Year Plan Office’, the decisive technical and logistical coordination office of the Nazi regime to prepare Germany for a world war, that started exactly 4 years later. IG Farben provided the explosives, synthetic gasoline and all other war essential materials to lead a word war that lasted almost 6 years. 

As the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunals (Case VI against IG Farben) documented, it was not a military man that led the decisive technical and logistical preparations for Germany to lead this war against the entire world, but the head of IG Farben, the infamous conglomerate of Bayer, BASF and other German chemical/drug companies. 

The WWII conquest of the world, so the plans of the IG Farben/Nazi coalition, was to take place in two main stages. Phase 1: conquest of Europe, Phase II: conquest of the rest of the world. In 1945, this military attempt at world conquest on behalf of the German chemical/drug industry failed. The political and military leaders of the Nazi/IG Farben coalition were sentenced to death or committed suicide. The corporate leaders, by contrast, were soon back in business – and ready to prepare their next attempt at world conquest – this time by economic and political means.  

It is a significant historical fact that the technical and logistical preparations to wage World War II was not led by military men, but by the chief executive of the world’s largest chemical/drug companies of Germany.  As the records from the Nuremberg War Crime Tribunals document, without IG Farben World War II would not have been possible.

Germany today – an imminent threat to world peace

Unrecognized by many today, the latest plans at conquest of the world on behalf of German corporate interests have been clandestinely but strategically advanced. Under German guidance, the so-called ‘Brussels EU’ was constructed as ‘politbureau’ to coordinate the third attempt at world conquest on behalf of the chemical/drug investment business.

The stages of conquest were exactly the same as during WWII. Phase I: Subjugating the nations of Europe under the hegemony of German corporate and political interests. Phase II: Subjugating the rest of the world by coercing entire continents into so-called ‘free trade’ agreements with the chemical/drug cartel’s politbureau in Brussels. 

The purpose of these ‘free trade’ agreements was, of course, neither ‘free’ nor ‘fair trade’. Their true aim of this strategy was to shackle the nations of the world to the strangulating conditions of the German/European patent laws and, thereby, creating the basis for the long-term relentless plundering of these nations, primarily on behalf of the German export business with patented drugs.

But probably from plans to conquer the world on behalf of German corporate


  • ‘IG Farben Cartel‘ (BAYER, BASF etc.) 1925
  • Coalition with Nazi Government 1936-45
  • Military Conquest, World War II 1939-45
  • (World War II, 1939 – 1945)


  • BAYER, BASF / German chemical industry
  • German Governments 1948 – Today
  • Polit bureau: Brussels EU 1957 – Today
  • Military arm: Brussel-based NATO

Phase I: Conquest and Control of Europe

Precarious role of Germany_Weltkarte 01
Germany’s World Conquest Plans_Weltkarte 1957-Today

Phase II: Conquest and Control of the Rest of the World

Germany’s World Conquest Plans_Weltkarte_Military conquest fail
Germany’s World Conquest Plans_Weltkarte CAFTA-NAFTA-MS etc

Today, the German corporate and political interests have ‘conquered’ more territory by means of economic and political coercion than the IG Farben/Nazi coalition during WW II by military means.

It is a sobering fact that, via this heinous ruse, the political stake holders of the German investment business with patented drugs subjugated more countries under its economic control than the IG Farben/Nazi coalition had ever done by military means during WWII.

With this third attempt at the conquest of the world by the German patented drug export business ongoing, the public exposure of this investment business as a scrupulous global plundering scheme renders the present political and military leaders of Germany into a precarious situation.  

Facing the end of a century and a half of German economic and political hybris, facing the end of a multi-trillion-dollar investment industry that has been plundering the globe with genocidal consequences for humanity – all moves of current German political and military stakeholders have to be closely watched by an alerted international community. 

The current geopolitical situation, of course, excludes any isolated military adventure by Germany on behalf of its chemical/drug industry. Thus, the real threat comes from the political and military stakeholders of this country abusing their influence in international political (UN, Brussels EU, African Union, Mercosur, ASEAN countries) and military organizations (NATO) to escalate a military conflict with global powers that are not part of the ‘ring’ of export countries promoting the global investment business with patented drugs.

There is a real danger that in this precarious situation, German political and military stake holders may even escalate or provoke major wars in the hope to continue their global plundering scheme under emergency laws or even under the marshal laws of a provoked global military conflict. 

The only way to prevent these stake holders to drag humankind into the abyss in an irrational and desperate move trying to protract the inevitable demise of an unethical industry is the exposure of this economic and political analysis.

Just as a gang of street thugs can no longer carry it out its burglary spree once its plans are publicly exposed, so will the exposure of the role of German corporate and political interests behind the current surge of international conflicts eliminate any plans for provoking a global war.

A breathtaking historical parallel

In the 16th century, human progress had reached a point when mankind had advanced to usher in Modern Times. Many Medieval rulers of Europe, however, insisted to maintain their feudal privileges. In the ensuing ’30-Year War’, these outdated feudal powers of Europe dragged the entire continent with them into the abyss in a desperate attempt to prevent progress of mankind. To no avail – the advent of Modern Times could not be stopped. Already in 2003, I shared this historic analogy with the readers of the New York Times.

Then and now the status quo is ready to do the unthinkable in order to stay in power beyond their time. However, in the 16th century the people of Europe had no chance to avoid the destruction of their continent – because there was no precedent in history available for them to learn from. Today, the situation is different: With the events 400 years ago, we have such an historic parallel – we can act and prevent this! 

There is an additional compelling reason to act now: The wars in the 16th and 17th century were fought with muskets and fork pitches – allowing mankind to recover after the wars. Today’s global conflicts will likely be fought with weapons of mass destruction – posing the entire future of mankind at risk.

A quantum leap forward for all mankind

The people and governments of the world stand at the crossroads: Either we accept the continuation of the ‘investment business with disease’ – and its imminent threat to world peace. Or we actively implement new global health strategies – independent of the investment business with patented drugs.

Based on recent advances in the field of science-based natural health we now have the historic opportunity to largely liberate ourselves from diseases that have haunted humankind for centuries. 

Implementing these scientific advances in natural health into health education and public health policies around the world will not only improve human health – it will also be significant contribution towards the preservation of long-term world peace. 

I call upon the people and governments to act now in order to preserve world peace!

Dr. Matthias Rath

Their only way to prolong their unscrupulous investment business with patented drugs is.