We Are No Longer Willing To Sacrifice Health and Peace!

Open Letter by Matthias Rath, M.D. to the American People and to the People of the World!

“As the physician and scientist who was privileged to contribute discoveries that make the eradication of cardiovascular disease by natural means possible and save millions of lives, I am asking you: could it be that this war is not about fighting ‘terrorism’ or conquering oil fields but about protecting the largest investment industry – the pharmaceutical industry – from collapse?”

As the physician and scientist who was privileged to contribute discoveries that make the eradication of cardiovascular disease by natural means possible and save millions of lives I raised my concerns in an Open Letter published in the New York Times on February 28.

I raise my voice once again on behalf of millions of people who are deprived of life saving natural health information, which threatens the multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical investment business of patented drugs.

Dr. Matthias Rath is the physician and scientist who led the breakthrough in the natural control of cardiovascular disease and cancer. He is member of the New York Academy of Sciences and other renow-ned scientific organizations. 10 years ago, the late Dr. Linus Pauling, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and Peace stated: “Your discoveries are so important for millions of people that they threaten entire industries. One day there may even be wars just to prevent this breakthrough from being widely accepted. This is the time, when you need to stand up!” – This time is now. –

Only 24 hours after my previous Open Letter was published in the New York Times on February 28, the ‘master mind’ behind ‘September 11’ was presented to a stunned global audience. After entire armies had searched for him for one and a half years, he was found while asleep in an apartment in Pakistan. – Is this a coincidence?

Peace Not War

My Open Letter published in the New York Times one week ago revealed for the first time:

  • The largest corporate benefactor of the September 11 tragedy was the multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry. In August 2001 Bayer’s Baycol scandal was the beginning of a ‘domino effect’ threatening the survival of this entire investment industry. Similarly to the tobacco industry, individuals and governments were beginning to sue drug companies for billions in damages. After September 11, all media attention shifted away.
  • The close connection between the pharmaceutical/
    petrochemical industry as the single largest donors for the election campaigns of George Bush and his all out efforts to protect and promote the interests of this investment industry.
  • The main agenda behind the war escalation is to regain control by the pharmaceutical industry and establish its long-term global monopoly for the “investment business with disease”. This can only be achieved by eliminating civil rights – including freedom of information and free access to natural health. Wars – especially the use of weapons of mass destruction – can accomplish all that.

Health Not Disease

Unbeknown to most people, the very same industry has been leading another war for decades. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (April 15, 1998) in this ‘war’ every year more than 100,000 people die and more than 1,500,000 are hospitalized from the side effects of harmful prescription drugs.

In this ‘war at home’ people are harmed in several ways. They are promised ‘health’ but they receive drugs that do not cure, only cover symptoms. Moreover, millions of patients and entire economies are financially ruined for the sake of the huge profit margins of this investment industry. All of this is no surprise, because the continued existence of diseases and their expansion is a precondition for further growth of the drug industry. Prevention and eradication of diseases undermines the investment nature of this business.

With its current 400 billion dollar ‘Medicare’ plan, the Bush Administration is making further concessions to the pharmaceutical ‘investment business with disease’ at the expense of millions of patients.

The cornerstones of a new patient-oriented, effective and affordable health care are available:

  1. Prevention and Eradication of Diseases Instead of Treatment of Symptoms.

    Eighty percent of pharmaceutical drugs currently prescribed to patients have no proven efficacy – at the very best, they alleviate symptoms without addressing the root cause of the disease. Future health care systems will focus on prevention, treatment of root causes and eventually the eradication of diseases.
  2. Healthy Body Cells Are a Precondition of Good Health.Health and disease in the human body are determined at the level of cells. The main cause of cellular dysfunction is the insufficient intake of micronutrients essential for optimum cellular metabolism and their optimum daily intake is a precondition for health. This new understanding of Cellular Health can be summarized in three principles:
  3. Cellular Health Principle #1: Optimum Supply of Cell Energy.Essential nutrients are required for maintaining cellular energy metabolism. An optimum supply of these nutrients is a prerequisite for the prevention of irregular heartbeat (energy deficiency in myocardial cells responsible for regular heartbeat), heart failure (energy deficiency in myocardial cells responsible for contraction of the heart muscle and blood pumping), and similar conditions.
  4. Cellular Health Principle #2 – Optimum Connective Tissue Stability of Soft Tissues.Approximately one half of the body’s proteins are composed of collagen, elastin, and other connective tissue molecules. Their production is regulated by vitamin C, and the amino acids lysine and proline, which are the main building blocks of these proteins. The human body does not produce vitamin C or lysine and, therefore, is dependent on an optimum lifelong supply of these nutrients. The application of this basic knowledge will decrease the incidence of today’s most common health problems such as heart attack, stroke, cancer and many other diseases to a fraction of their current rates.
  5. Cellular Health Principle #3 – Optimum Connective Tissue Stability of Bone Tissue.The stability of the skeletal system and our teeth is determined by the optimum production of collagen molecules (facilitated by vitamin C, lysine, and proline) and the proper introduction of essential minerals (such as calcium and magnesium) and trace elements. The systematic implementation of this knowledge will largely prevent widespread diseases such as osteoporosis (bones), caries (teeth), and peridontosis (gums).
  6. Independent Health Information and Education Is the Key to Health.Although we are at the beginning of the third millennium, it is still a little-known fact that the human body does not produce vitamin C or lysine, two key nutrients in determining human health and disease. This is the result of the pharmaceutical industry’s ongoing efforts to suppress this information. The dissemination of basic health information and the implementation of health education from childhood to advanced age is the foundation of the new health care system.
  7. Comprehensive Research in Natural Health Is a Cornerstone of a New Health Care System.Currently, medical research is being driven by the share prices of drug companies, not the health needs of people. The implementation of natural health and Cellular Health principles saves billions in health care costs. These billions in savings should be reinvested into further research in natural health. It is a fact that many more diseases are connected to cellular deficiencies in essential nutrients. The introduction of comprehensive natural health research programs as part of public health policies would greatly accelerate the elimination of diseases.
  8. Implementation of the Scientific Principles of Cellular Health.Each year, millions of people world wide die from diseases that can be prevented and controlled by natural means. The implementation of the scientific principles of Cellular Health into healthcare policies will save millions of lives and billions of dollars in public and private funds. These dollars could then be used to also address other basic needs of society.
  9. Elect Politicians Who Defend the People’s Right to Natural Health.Politicians who continue to support legislation that restricts the dissemination of natural health information endanger the health and lives of the people who elected them. Politicians who continue to obstruct natural health rather than support it will be held accountable. All governments have a responsibility to protect the lives of their citizens and promote effective, safe and cost saving health measures in their countries.
  10. Ban the Pharmaceutical Industry’s ‘Business With Disease,’ Not the Dissemination of Natural Health Information.To protect their billion-dollar market with largely ineffective drugs, pharmaceutical companies are trying to fight off their fiercest competition: effective, safe, and affordable essential nutrients. To that effect, the pharmaceutical lobby has been abusing the United Nation’s “Codex Alimentarius” (Food Standard) Commission and many other national and international political bodies. Maintaining and expanding diseases, as the basis for the growth of the investment ‘business with disease,’ will be prohibited by law.


Mankind is currently going through one of the greatest advances in its history. Two out of three of today’s diseases can largely be eradicated if the scientific knowledge currently available in the area of natural non-patentable health is implemented in any health care system.

Over 400 years ago, a similar quantum leap took place in history. During medieval times 80% of the people living in Europe were illiterate. The invention of the printing press together with the translation of the bible into spoken languages allowed millions of common people to learn to read and write.

Knowledge was power and the rulers at that time did not want to share their power with the people. They wanted to preserve their feudal economic privileges and met the ‘liberation from illiteracy’ with utmost brutality. In the ’30-Year War’ (1618-1648) they destroyed half of Europe and killed millions of people in an attempt to bring back Medieval Times. All was in vain because the people no longer wanted to live in illiteracy and dependency.

Today we are facing a ‘liberation’ of similar magnitude – but global in its scope.The possibility to liberate mankind from cardiovascular disease, cancer and many other diseases by natural, non-patentable means threatens the very existence of the multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical investment industry.

As we are all witnessing, today’s ‘economic rulers’ are not willing to give up their economic privileges voluntarily. Just as they did 400 years ago they are willing to sacrifice the lives of thousands, even millions of people in their own decline.

There is one difference worth noting. Centuries ago, wars were fought with pitchforks and muskets Today they are fought with weapons of mass destruction including nuclear weapons.

Millions of people living today in America and in every other country of the world have to make a decision: Do we really want this to happen? If not, the time to act is now!

With the multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical investment industry as the largest corporate benefactor behind the current ‘war on terrorism’ revealed and in broad daylight for the world to see, what are the options left for this interest group? When the first nuclear or biological weapons detonate – who will be blamed? Who will accept the arguments that civil liberties need to be abandoned and press freedom abolished?

This interest group and its political stake holders have to realize: Whatever they do now – including any military action – their goal is now publicly exposed and can no longer be achieved.

All of us, the people of America, the people of the world now have the great opportunity and responsibility to help build a healthier and more peaceful world. Now its up to us !

“The Time to Protect Our Health and Our Lives Is Now!”

Matthias Rath, M.D.